Green Education is at the core of developing a skilled scientific workforce and nowledgeable citizenry who are prepared to design and choose products safe for human health and the environment.

Green Education is an important tool to promote ownership of shared values, having an impact on consumer behavior & everyday life

Our project will support educators by creating a support community for green education in Europe.
An interactive open platform will be created where educators will find classroom activities, exchange ideas and collaborate!

GreenEdu objectives:

  1. Support teachers to integrate green education principles in STEM curriculum.
  2. Inspire and improve competence of teachers to bring into the classroom novel topics, such as
    Green Chemistry, Green Engineering and Robotics and Green Biotechnology.
  3. Embed green education principles in school laboratories.
  4. Disseminate green education and create a community of green education in Europe
Green Chemistry
Green Engineering and Robotics
Green Biotechnology