How green is your glue?

Author(s): Anatolia College

Lesson plan summary

Through this lesson plan students will learn about green Chemistry, Students will learn to follow a protocol . They will count and measure and understand the importance of precision when following a protocol.. Students will test the glue and think about how they can make it efficient and greener using the principles of green chemistry. This lesson plan is adapted from Beyond Benig

SubjectGreen Chemistry
TopicCleaning up our oceans
Age of studentsElementary 6-12
Preparation time30 Minutes
Teaching time180 Minutes
Online teaching material (links for online material)Introducing Green Chemistry: The Science of Solutions
Offline teaching material
“12 Principles of Green Chemistry” from Figure 4.1: (p.30). 12 Principles of Green Chemistry from Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice (1998) by Anastas P and Warner J. By Permission of Oxford University Press.American Chemical Society Green Chemistry InstituteEPA Green ChemistryBeyond Benign

Aim of the lesson

By the end of this lesson students will: 

  • Understand what Green Chemistry is
  • Understand the importance of following a protocol
  • Learn to measure and calculate quantities. 
  • Use the design cycle to evaluate and test a product

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