The sun

Author(s): Anatolia College


In this lesson plan, students will learn about green Chemistry and how important the sun is for our earth. They will learn about the benefits of the sun along with the measures that need to be taken to protect ourselves against its negative effects. They will also learn about the solar system. Then, students will be given instructions for an easy DIY construction so as to construct a solar oven made of cardboard that uses energy from the sun to cook the food inside. Finally, they will apply the Green Chemistry principles to make and test sunscreen. 

SubjectGreen Chemistry
TopicThe sun
Age of studentsElementary 6-12
Preparation timeMinutes
Teaching timeMinutes
Online teaching material (links for online material)Introducing Green Chemistry: The Science of Solutions
The sun
Offline teaching material
“12 Principles of Green Chemistry” from Figure 4.1: (p.30). 12 Principles of Green Chemistry from Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice (1998) by Anastas P and Warner J. By Permission of Oxford University Press.American Chemical Society Green Chemistry InstituteEPA Green ChemistryBeyond Benign

Aim of the lesson

By the end of this lesson students will: 

  • Understand what green Chemistry is
  • Learn about the sun and the solar system
  • Construct their oven
  • Make and test their sunscreen

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